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He also enlisted an Irish ditch digger named John Canaan to act as official grave digger, and procured a horse and two-wheeled cart for him with which to gather up the sick and bring them to his church and to carry away the dead each morning from the improvised hospital and the homes about town.It is said that in the worst period of the plaque, the total deaths in one day numbered thirty-six.“The Presbyterian Church, at the northeast corner of Woodward Avenue and Larned Street, was also utilized as a cholera hospital; and there Dr.

There was a hurried cleaning of streets and alleys, but the plaque continued.“Fr.Nothing more was contemplated by this than the letting out of cases to families that were willing to take them cheap.A poor law of twenty years later date, October 29, 1829, authorizes the proper officers to contract with a “competent physician” by the year, and to offer the contract at public auction to the lowest bidder.Sickness and poverty are akin; and the civic conscience, under primitive conditions, has provided for the two afflictions in one institution.A very early Act of Michigan Territory for the support of the poor, February 1, 1809, when William Hull was governor, provides that the overseers of the poor in the several districts within the Territory shall relieve and support all the poor, lame, blind, and sick, and shall provide for them houses, nurses, physicians, surgeons, in such cases as they shall judge necessary.

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  1. Burns guitars were generally well designed and produced, with feather-touch vibratos, a unique “gear-box” truss rod adjuster (which ended up on many Baldwin-era Gretsches), and nifty electronic features like the “Wild Dog” setting on the Jazz Split Sound (basically an early out-of-phase tone).